Goals of Nutrition Therapy

Have you been taking vitamins by the handfuls to maintain your health? Is your cabinet overflowing with vitamins and supplements? Could you pay a car payment with the monthly expenses? Staying healthy does not need to be so cumbersome, expensive, or complicated to achieve!

REalife+Each daily packet of ReaLife+™ provides enhanced “ADULT NUTRITION” essentials at therapeutic levels.

Only natural and pure sources have been used to create ReaLife+™. These pure and natural ingredients are physician and pharmacist formulated. Strict inspection criteria is followed for the purity of each packet.

ReaLife+™ synergistic formula complements each nutrient to increase bio-availability and absorption, thus providing increased energy, immunity, increased memory and nervous system boosters. ReaLife+™ strengthens your heart and benefits your circulatory system with body building nutrients to support your healthy lifestyle.

NIH National Cancer Institute / Cancer.Gov.

Whether patients are undergoing active therapy, recovering from cancer therapy, or in remission and striving to avoid cancer recurrence, the benefit of optimal caloric and nutrient intake is well documented.

The goals of nutrition therapy are to accomplish the following:

  • Prevent or reverse nutrient deficiencies
  • Preserve lean body mass
  • Help patients better tolerate treatments
  • Minimize nutrition-related side effects and complications
  • Maintain strength and energy
  • Protect immune function, decreasing the risk of infection
  • Aid in recovery and healing
  • Maximize quality of life


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