ReaLife+TM Protocol

  • One packet in water, juice, or almond milk, etc. at breakfast anytime before 9 am
  • One  packet with dinner

People who follow this protocol may, in the first few days, feel slight fatigue, headache, or suffer from lack of sleep.  Others, however, have felt an increase in energy.  Your results may vary.

Please report any adverse effects.

Dietary Protocol

  • Refrain from eating most meats while on this protocol as we want your body to have as much energy as possible to be used for healing, not spent on foods difficult to digest.
  • Eat lots of dark green leafy vegetables and a wide variety of vegetables and fresh fruits. We recommend several servings a day.
  • Take one packet with breakfast and one with dinner.
  • Cut out all processed and “white” food such as sugars, white bread, white pasta, alcohol, soda, fast food, deep fried food, potatoes, white rice etc. Use wild rice, red potatoes, fish, chicken, turkey, sour dough bread, raw honey.
  • Drink water

Life Style Protocol

  • The ReaLife+TM program may only need to be followed for six to twelve months, or for the duration of radiation or chemotherapy treatments if you choose conventional medicine.
  • The purpose of this program is to allow the immune system to strengthen and regenerate. By eating the way we have suggested your digestive system (which uses over 40% of your energy) will use less energy, thus transferring that energy to assist in the healing processes.
  • We also recommend a stress relieving exercise for 15 min. a day such as concentration exercises, meditation or prayer. Extend the time spent on this by five minutes every week.
  • Find a hobby that you love. Something that makes you happy and do it at least once a week.
  • Last, but most important, go to bed early (10:00 pm) and wake at 6:00 am.
  • All of the above suggestions will not only allow your body to heal but will bring balance to the rest of your life as well!


The information on this site is provided as an information resource only and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.